Bagging items can be a long and tedious process, however, Northwood Solutions is capable of helping to reduce your time bagging. Our automatic bagging systems will help your company stay on track, as we are capable of bagging anything from cosmetics to loose hardware. Once your product is bagged, it will be protected from the elements, ensuring that your customers receive a quality product.

If you have products that may not need standard packaging, or you would like to showcase differently, bundling may be the best option for you. Bundling allows your product to be protected, while showing your customers exactly what they are getting.


AB180 High Speed Automated Bagging System:
Product Specifications W 2 to 11”x L 3 to 22”

MS420S Paper Bander
Product Specifications W 1.2” to 16” x H .25” x 8”


Bagging: Automotive & Appliance parts, Electrical & Electronic parts, Plumbing & Heating, Jewelry & Novelty items, Disposable Health care, Hardware & DIY, Fasteners & Connectors, Hobby & Craft kits, Cosmetics & Beauty Aids, Banding: Bundling, Paper/Plastic Banding, Shrink Bundling